Thursday, September 8, 2011

alter for mom and dad

I made this alter for my mom and dad to help with the upcoming 31 days of Halloween.. but just couldn't wait to share.. aaaand the perfect challenge on smeared and smudged was to use papertowls or tp rolls..

I grabbed a papertowl roll, cut it in half and painted it.

painted some lil white candles black.. stamped a grumpy for my dad and goddess for my mom, added some gems

I colored and stickled my calaveras sugar skulls (I am in love with these btw) from smeared ink

added some gems and bling..

then the best part (for me)

I rounded up some herbs from my (witchy) stash.. the list is:
Lavendar, wormwood, marjoram, white sage, spearmint, senna,
mullien, red clover, rosemary, wood betony..
 they are all for love, protection, courage, divination...etc..

sprinkled them around.. added some dried and silk flowers.. finished it off with incense

taa-daa.. an alter for my mom and dad :)

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Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Sugar... This is absolutely perfect! I love your idea's and the way you used the paper towel tubes! I love it! Have a wonderful rest of the week!