Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Enjoying my break

I am done with finals, with a two week break until the next and final semester!!
Doing everything but thinking.
I've been playing in my garden, cleaning a bit, tracing my roots and lots more. Not really. That's about it.

I get to start a new scrapbook for my daughter and baby on the way! I'm going to be a gramma!!! I told her I'm going to make a pregnancy book and then a baby book. And of course I will make my own copy :)
So, one day soon.. perhaps tomorrow, I can get that started. So excited!!! I haven't played in my craft room since school started I think.
I miss my hoards of paper and goodies down there. Aaaahh.. craft supplies..

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello friends

I have missed my blogs so much, I decided I need to make time to post.
I am chugging along through school and have one and a half semesters left!
Sadly, my craft time is non-existant but finding my sanity will have to be a priority. Which means....

crafting time!!

This is a promise, to you and myself..
I will get going in my room and craft. anything. something.
At least once a week is my goal.

I will be back :)