Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quality time with Gramma

I made this scrapbook page for Scraps of Darkness Round Robin challenge.
I admit, I was late.
but I suppose I had a good excuse..
my youngest's b-day
I'm sick
I'm lazy

not lazy so much..
but yanno?

I sprayed a paper with some green ink and tore it..
added some pics of my girls decorating grammas yard when they were little
lots of Scraps of Darkness embellies from my OCT kit and papers..

I made it simple because.. well.. I was short on time.
as usual

does someone want to work for me?
or exercise for me?
or clean my house?
or raise my kids?
or sleep for me?
or luff my hubby?

ok.. no to the hubby.. that's all me baby!

but the rest..
any volunteers?
I'll pay ya in scrapbook supplies!
I am totally loving this kit!
I truly love the quality and coordination of the scraps of darkness kits.

hopefully I can get my workout in tonight.
I tried last night.. but couldn't breathe much.. so cut it short..
and today is worse..
so maybe it's a hot tea and scrappin night!

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